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Dr.Teegala Anitha Reddy

Dr.Teegala Anitha Reddy is a secretary of the ART foundation and gynaecologist in Hyderabad. Her service in the medical field gave her  an experience to encounter many poor and rural people neglecting their health due to lack of medical facilities and money. So her basic nature towards social services transformed her to extend her service to these poor in needy especially in the rural areas. Her interest for cancer patients is prime motive. She is a social reformer with propagating awareness skills and oration. Way back, since her high school she provided after school tutoring to children for low income communities. She has whole hearted commitment and contributing for many social causes. She believes health has to give prime importance and also women empowerment was main area of interest, the adolescent and teenage girls with rural and underdeveloped are to counselled and awareness on hygiene, health and social problems.